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Exercises & sports, dry & wet, adventures & relaxing holiday, winter & summer. All can be found here in Korean Corner! We care about quality, functionality and the cost. Many items are suitable for OEM/giveaway, check them out with us!

COOKOUT 無火煮食神器

Super Effective Dr. Bacty Protection

a combination of organic and inorganic anti-bacterial compounds which are effective against bacteria, fungus, algae, mold, mildew, yeast and more

Dr Bacty
nrit towel
Go Bike

Refreshing Ultrafine Microfiber

Ultrafine Microfiber weight three time less than conventional fibers, also lighter,
more absorbent, keep your skin fresh and dry, often use for athletes and army’s product.

No ICE Required Cooling: Cool-X Fabric

Provides cooling effect with only water but without any cooling device or ice.

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Touch & Lamp
Outdoor Heating Pack
  • Lycan-Mini-L2_e_outdoor_world_Korean Corner
    Lycan Mini L2
  • Lycan Pro T6
  • Magician Pro
  • Monster Eye
  • CookOut (foldable silicon box)
  • CookOut Pouch
  • CookOut heat pad set (10pcs)
  • CookOut heat pad (1pc)
  • Finger Nap
  • Toga Premium Beach Towel
  • N-Rit Super Dry Towel
  • N-Rit Super Light Towel
  • N-Rit CamPack Towel Premium
  • N-Rit CamPack Towel
  • Cool-X Scarf
  • Cool Towel
  • Cool Towel Single
  • Outdoor Wine Glass
    Outdoor Wine Glass (Gift pack)
  • Outdoor Wine Glass (plastic bag)
  • Foldable drinking bottle
  • Power In LED Handy Light
  • COOLET2_防曬手袖升級版_outdoor world_戶外世界_Korean Corner
  • Carrylock 4L /6.5L
  • Sunblock Mask
  • Antibacterial Handy Soap
  • 80g Ultra Light Folding Umbrella
  • Strength Mini Umbrella