17/10/2018 【Hong Kong Entrepreneur Goes International by Showing “secret magic” at the Headquarter of United Nations】

Dr. Kelvin Chan, born in the grassroots family, has been invited by United Nations organization and to present the “secret magic” of GREEN Project and his founded company Korean Corner in the Headquarter of United Nations, New York. Dr. Chan was the first Chinese, as an Entrepreneur, who stood in the stage at General Assembly Hall and his company Korean Corner was the world first SME which was invited.

“We were honored and excited to be invited by the director of United Nations organization to present an introduction to our GREEN Project & our company, what it stands for and how it will raise the awareness of environmental protection in New York City at the UN headquarter today.” Dr. Chan said and he started to prepare his presentation 2 months ago.

On 17 October 2018, Dr. Kelvin Chan, the Founder & CEO of Korean Corner, has been invited present the “secret magic” of GREEN Project and his company Korean Corner for 30 minutes with his colleague Gary Chan, CEO of USA branch, at the Headquarter of United Nations.

In the presentation, Dr. Chan has elaborated how to use his unique ECO-paper and creative design as the core, and to get the multi-synergy strategy and plan for all stakeholders; how to transform the one-off commercial event to the long-lasting and meaningful event. Meanwhile, he adopted 5 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into GREEN Project; how the sustainable project to break the restriction of industries boundaries and cultures. One of the “secret magic” is how to engage SMEs, Government Departments, Non-Profit organizations, schools, corporate and public and to get involved and let all stakeholders to become the winner.

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